How to apply for a job/internship

Cover Letter

I suggest four paragraphs:

  1. opening paragraph: background (who are you and how did you come across this post)
  2. paragraph II: why are you the perfect match (skills, experience, etc.)
  3. paragraph III: why are you the perfect match (social skills, team work, etc.)
  4. closing paragraph: say thanks and ask for follow-up


CAVE: some countries/cultures, don’t want too much personal information (like your photograph or birthdate/-place). Check first.

Use LaTeX’s moderncv-class

Please enjoy LaTeX’s moderncv-class. Here’s the documentation and my four favourite:

  • \cvlistitem{item}
  • \cvitem{header}{text}
  • \cvitemwithcomment{header}{text}{comment}
  • \cventry{years}{degree/job title}{institution/employer}{localization}{optional: grade/…}{optional: comment/job description}
  • \cventry{when}{what}{at institution}{in city}{opt: grade}{opt: description}